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Tuplex underlayment products – Best choice for your floor!

In Tuplex product family you can find solution either you need moisture barrier or breathable underlayment.

Moisture doesn’t belong to the floor. Tuplex Air Flow system blocks the moisture and helps it to evaporate.

If you want your floor to breathe Tuplex White HB is your choice. Tuplex White HB has no plastic films!

Tuplex products meets the requirements for impact sound reduction, they hold in its shape under the load and have consistency that forms itself to the sub-floor. It eliminates slight variations and provides even and firm support to the flooring.

Tuplex products are especially designed to fulfil the requirements of underlayment. Tuplex products are created with careful product development to make perfect combination of characteristics such as acoustic properties, compression strength and levelling the subfloor.

With Tuplex you can make sure that your floor lasts through the years in excellent shape.



Tuplex is an underlayment with moisture barrier. It’s made of low emissions safe synthetic materials. The unique structure of plastic films and EPS-beads generates the ventilation so that the moisture can evaporate.

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Tuplex White HB is a breathable underlayment without plastic films. Tuplex White HB is made of Finnish paper and high density EPS-breads. High density EPS holds the load permanently even 60 ton per square meter. Tuplex White HB is only 2 mm thick.

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Coming soon! Tuplex Silver HSD -for most extreme conditions against moisture and cold, SD >1500m, CS > 60kPa.

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Watch a video of Tuplex Air Flow!


Tuplex Features

All technical characteristics of Tuplex underlayments are collected in to easy to read table.

Comparison table

How to choose right Tuplex underlayment for your home? Easy comparison table based on subfloor structure is made to ease the choosing!

Installation instructions

Installation of Tuplex products is easy, find out how!

TUPROTEC -floor protection

Tuprotec is a special product to protect floors during construction and renovation.



New-generation products for floating floorings

Tuplex® is a new-generation, sound resistant underlay for floating floorings and is very easy to install. It provides a dual moisture barrier, holds its shape well under load and is ideal with radiant heated floors. Tuplex White HB is a new underlayment without plastic films. It has a breathable structure with high density EPS-beads, which permanently holds the load and also guarantee excellent acoustic properties. Tuprotec is a special product to protect floors during construction and renovation. Tuplex®, Tuplex White HB and Tuprotec are produced by Tupler Oy in Finland.

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