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Tuplex®, Tuplex White HB and Tuprotec are produced by Tupler Oy, a group of SME companies whose major business activity since 1948 has been the production of accessories and services to various branches of industry.

Tuplex® underlay is the first and still nearly the only product designed especially for hard wood and laminate floorings. Long product development project was completed in Finland in 1996. At the same time a production line was developed and built to produce this underlay, because there was no equipment available.

Marketing of Tuplex® underlay began in the surrounding countries but the largest demand for this product was found in North America. The entire production capacity was sold to North America for a couple of years, but the distance and the nature of this product made a reliable and flexible service impossible. A Tuplex factory was therefore established near Chicago to serve the American markets. Today that Tuplex  factory and production in USA is a part of QEP-group. Third Tuplex production plant was established 2010 near Moscow for Russian markets. This is nowadays an independent Russian company.

After getting the North American markets in order the European markets and also many countries outside Europe have been serviced from Finland.

Parquet and laminate are the fastest growing flooring materials because of recent trends in interior decoration but most of all due to their excellent operating characteristics. Countries with strong traditions in using carpets (wall-to-wall carpets especially) have discovered the benefits of hard floorings – they are superior floorings for people suffering from allergies.

In order to make floating floors work well, careful attention must paid to floor foundation and floor underlay. Regrettably often installation of flooring is started too soon while the concrete still has moisture. In these cases the ventilating structure of Tuplex ® might prevent more serious damages.

Consideration and election of building materials is very important in construction. Using inappropriate underlay with floating floors might damage the valuable floorings. Tuplex ® is always a safe and functional solution!

During the years 2015-2016 product development was started again to create new breathable underlayment to meet new requirements of healthy buildings. At the end of 2016 Tuplex White HB saw daylight. Tuplex White HB is especially designed to renovation, installation to wooden and board floors and for traditional contruction e.g. sub floor with crawled space.

Tuprotec floor protector was invented and developed in cooperation with a flooring manufacturer to answer the demand of protection at the time of renovation.

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