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Tuplex White HB

Tuplex Silver HSD

Structure and the air movement in the structure Tuplex Air Flow. There is LD-PE film
in the underside of the product
and HD-PE with the moisture
barrier in the upside.
Between the two paper layers
there is extremely dense and strong
EPS-grains. Breathable structure.

Structure consist of dense aluminium laminated paper, high density EPS-beads and on the top of the underlayment is paper keeping the structure together

Materials 100 % synthetic materials.
HD-PE and LD-PE films. EPS-beads.
Paper is produced from Finnish pulp
and the amount of the certified fibres is ~ 90 %.
EPS-beads are high density and strong.
Aluminium laminate is produced in Finland and the base of the laminate is craft paper.
There is varnish on the top of the aluminium layer.
EPS-beads are high density and strong.
Use for Use for levelled concrete and always
when there is a risk of moisture.
Well suitable under LVT-floor,
subfloor with crawled space and
renovation, installed above old floor.
Extreme conditions against cold and moisture.
Impact sound reduction (IS) 18 dB (15 mm parquet)
19 dB (8 mm laminate)
22 dB (LVT-floor)
17 dB (15 mm parquet)
18 dB (8 mm laminate)
21 dB (LVT-floor)
18 dB (15 mm parquet)
20 dB (8 mm laminate)
22 dB (LVT-floor)
Compressive strength (CS) 18 kPa > 60 kPa
Water vapour diffusion (SD) 50 m Breathable 1500 m
Thermal resistance (R) 0,083 m2K/W 0,060 m2K/W
Punctual conformability (PC) 1,85 mm 1,75 mm
Thickness 3 mm 2 mm 2 mm
Width 1100 mm + overlap 1000 mm 1000 mm + overlap
Package size 15, 30 and 65 jm 15 jm
Emissions Emission class M1 Emission class M1 Emission class M1
Country of manufacture Finland Finland Finland